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Update time!

Hello all the wonderful people who read my blog!                                                                (there’s not many of you,lets’ talk about that later)                                                                     How are you all!?!? I hope your GREAT 😀

I only have 2 things to tell there is a good thing and depending how you look at it a bad/exciting/good thing!

let’s start with the good as I know most people don’t and I like to be different!

1: There is this AWSOME giveaway going on over at Zali’s blog, HERE

where you can win one of these 2, YES to 2 utterly awesome blythe blanket and pillow sets! 

2: the depending how you look at it a bad/exciting/good thing is that I’m closing my blog due to the lack of posts (my bad!) and the lack of vews but if you reading this and thinking NOOOOOOOOOO! I MIGHT start up a new blog soon! it will be a fashion,beauty,DIY,craft and photography a odd mix I know but like I said before i like to be different!

so if there are any good names for my blog please let me know!

xx Mackenzie!



Hi everyone!

this is my new blog i’ll be blogging on here about

my life, photography, blythe dolls and fashion!

i’ll be posting once or twice a week so come back regularly!