Update time!

Hello all the wonderful people who read my blog!                                                                (there’s not many of you,lets’ talk about that later)                                                                     How are you all!?!? I hope your GREAT 😀

I only have 2 things to tell there is a good thing and depending how you look at it a bad/exciting/good thing!

let’s start with the good as I know most people don’t and I like to be different!

1: There is this AWSOME giveaway going on over at Zali’s blog, HERE

where you can win one of these 2, YES to 2 utterly awesome blythe blanket and pillow sets! 

2: the depending how you look at it a bad/exciting/good thing is that I’m closing my blog due to the lack of posts (my bad!) and the lack of vews but if you reading this and thinking NOOOOOOOOOO! I MIGHT start up a new blog soon! it will be a fashion,beauty,DIY,craft and photography a odd mix I know but like I said before i like to be different!

so if there are any good names for my blog please let me know!

xx Mackenzie!


3 thoughts on “Update time!

  1. Writng Jobs says:

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  2. Zali Bee says:

    awwww! thanks so so much Mackenzie! its soooo sad your closing your blog 😦 i think its super wonderful! 🙂

    i can’t wait to see your new blog! hmmm, a name could beee……i don’t know! it could be anything!

    thankyou so much!

    love zali xoxoxo

  3. alyssa says:

    Hello! I LOVE your blog! I am in the Same situation as you. I started a blog a month ago and now HATE the name. So I’m gonna start another! I love this blog! When you start making blog buttons hit me up and we could do a swap!!!
    Here are some name ideas….
    Mackenzie Makes
    Mackenzie the Great

    I cant really think of many names, but remember,
    Its not the name that makes the blog,
    Its all those utterly awesome posts!

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